Saturday, 20 March 2010


He was a navigator, born on 8th January 1914 and known to be in service on 8th July 1943.  On 4th January 1944, he attacked a U-Boat in the Bay of Biscay; he used machine guns and depth charges.  U629 did not sail again until March 1944 because of the damage he inflicted on it.  He was awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari Silver Cross, 5th class.  He survived the war and died in St Catherines, Ontario, Canada on 24th September 1989.


Kristen S said...

I came across your blog post when doing a Google search of my grandfather. I would be interested in discussing more at some point about him if you know anything additional. He died when I was young but we have all of his military stuff, his flight logs, medals, uniforms, etc. in storage at the moment. Would be nice to learn more about him.

ARCHIVE said...


I am still seeking information on your grandfather but you have all the clues! Please send me scans of his log book, his medals and any documentation you have. I will be happy to do some in depth research for you - free of charge. My email address is


Kristen S said...

Hi Neville,

I am so sorry but I only checked this post today as I linked your website to a Facebook photo I posted for remembrance day back in 2011 and was not notified when you replied.

I am currently living abroad but will be home in early December for a visit and hope that I can go through his old things with my mom and send them to you. Stay tuned!