Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Whilst I welcome sensible comments on this blog, I will delete all offensive items as I have done today.  After a series of apparently harmless comments in Chinese, I have received a large comment (also in Chinese) which I have had translated and which has proved to be an offensive and obnoxious invitation to watch porn sites and movies.  My advice to the sender is simple: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME as all comments from you will be blocked and/or deleted in the future.



Newark-on-Trent is important internationally, as it is home to the Commonwealth and Polish War Graves where there are over 400 graves of Polish airmen who died during the second world war. A special plot was set aside in Newark Cemetery for Polish burials and this is now the war graves for people to see across the UK and the World. Former Polish Airmen choosing to be buried since staying in England after the 2nd World War.

We must not forget the polish Airman and the Commonwealth they fought for freedom against the enemy and didn’t flinch. They fought to the end and then carried on the fight, we should be grateful. We certainly owe them a great deal of credit that they so rightly deserve.


Laurence Goff

Anonymous said...

Preserving the ultimate sacrifice with their memories for years to come.