Saturday, 14 November 2015


Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite
The people of France are in our thoughts and in our hearts

Thursday, 12 November 2015


He was a pilot, born on 29th November 1911 at Krakow.  He was killed on X9829 which was shot down by a night fighter near the estuary of the River Ems close to Manslagt, Germany during a raid on Rostock on 24th April 1942.  This was a raid by six planes from 304 Squadron, each one carried 450 x 4lb incendiary bombs and 42 bundles of nickels (propaganda leaflets).  Rostock was a city of largely wooden buildings and this was the first of a series of fire raising attacks. He is buried in the Sage War Cemetery, Oldenburg, Germany, his body having washed ashore some time after the raid.

Luftwaffe records show that it was shot down by Hauptman Hans-Georg Schutze. He flew with 4/NJG2; shot down and confirmed a Wellington of 304 squadron X9829 at 03.37 hrs over the River Ems near Pilum, 15 kilometres North West of Emden.  Hauptman Schutze was killed shortly afterwards in air combat on the 17/18th May 1942. He was credited with 5 kills, this Wellington was his 4th.

Tadeusz Jan Kwak (3rd from right) and crew probably at
RAF Lindholme
Tadeusz Kwak's grave at the Sage War
Cemetery, Oldenburg, Germany
With fellow aircrew probably at RAF Lindholme
Off duty and relaxing with friends location unknown

Photographs courtesy of his Grandson Jaruslaw Kwak

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


It has now been formally decided that the 304 Squadron "winged bomb" badge will be accepted as the core of the new badge of 304 Squadron ATC at Hastings.  I have received this message from Tom Turley:
"It is with great pride that I can announce that 304 Sqn (Hastings) ATC will be changing its badge to honour the men who served in 304 (Polish) Sqn RAF .
We will hopefully have a Parade to formally change badges sometime soon or in early 2016 ,

We will be laying a cross at the upcoming Remembrance Parade at Hastings to Honour the Polish Airmen who served in 304 Sqn and we will also plan to lay a Wreath with the 304 Winged Bomb Badge sometime later this year .

I am very pleased to say that the cadets and staff are very proud about becoming Guardians of the Memory and Badge of the Original 304 Sqn "
He has also pointed out that the Winged Bomb badge is also being honoured in Poland, by the 44th Polish Naval Aviation Base in Siemirowice flying M28B Bryzas that could be a descendant of 304 Squadron.  One of their aircraft was spotted at Yeovilton air display this year sporting the 304 Squadron Flying bomb badge on its nose.  The badge can be seen just to the left of the words Bryza - 1R on the aircraft's nose