Photographs & Documents

One of the biggest problems I have is identification of the airmen I am writing about, and also the aircraft involved in their missions (although the machines are a lesser concern - the families and friends still like to see them).  If you have any photographs of aircraft used by the squadron, airmen, ground crew, group photos or press reports from the war right up to the present day and grave stones or war memorials with 304 Squadron members' names on them.  Please send them to me on one of the emails listed in CONTACT.  Please only send them if you are willing to allow me to use them and if you have the right to grant me that permission!  The copyright will remain yours and will be acknowledged whenever I use them.
If you do send me a photograph, please also tell me anything you know about the date it was taken, the names of anyone in it - if you know them - and where it was taken.  I can repair damaged pictures and I have a friend who can do that to pictures that are very badly damaged as long as the faces are not totally obliterated!  If you send me a damaged, but restorable, photo we will do our best to repair it and will send you a copy of the repaired version - free of charge!  But please note that this will not be quick (in Internet terms) as we are both working men.  If it can be done, you should have your copy within a month; if it cannot be done, I will tell you within a couple of days.  Please remember that if you send it directly to the blog site, you should give me a return email address (which will not be published) as I am not psychic!

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