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Anonymous said...

I am the daughter of Leon Kegel .I live in Bermuda .He died of a heart attack at the age of 59. My Mother is still alive at the age of 91. She resides in Porthcawl in the Breaksea Residence for the Elderly .We still have a house on New Road only bhouses away from where My Mother was living when they met. He was a chef in Bermuda and London and that was how I came to be in Bermuda where I met my Husband. I did go to Poznan when I was 17 to meet my Grandmother and family. He used to go yearly and financially helped all the time. Since his death we have had no contact. My Name is Gloria Prescott and my Mother maiden name was Gloria Rossini. His brother in law came over from Poland in the Air Force with him and he was my Godfather.His name was Tony Probylski. He went back to Poland after the war because he was married . My Granddaughter is very interested in his History, sadly my mother does not remember much

ARCHIVE said...

Hello Gloria,

Please contact me on one of the emails listed above and I will tell you how you can find out much more about your father's military service. Please remember to remove the spaces and replace at with @

Anonymous said...

Hi there, my name is Andrew Zientek and I am the grandson of Jan Joseph Zientek who was married to Gertrude Zientek after meeting at Blackpool's famous dance hall at the Tower.
They settled in Stockport until moving to High Lane later on. My Grandad died when I was young and never knew his history, like many he never talked about it. My Gran passed away last year and I have always said I wanted to find out more about my Grandad and his journey to the UK and his transition from the Polish Air Force to the RAF. I am currently trying to get RAF details of his 50 missions he made.

Love the site and hope I can help add to it.

Msciwojek said... Lotnik Antoni Zieliński :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, regarding you search for sgt Stefan Komosa, I am married to his son Andrew and will be shortly going to the Polish Exhibition at RAF Northholt consequently I am currently liasing with the Polish enquiries dept for his flight records and will update this site upon receipt. We are aware he flew many types of aircraft and was linked with both the 304 and 307 sqns and carried out research. We are also aware Stefan was awarded the highest medal for some act of bravery but are currently researching this. Stefan passed away in 1989 and was given a full military funeral in Poland with a banquet and a mig fly pass so must have been a greatly respected airman. Stefan had a family in Bournmouth and then settled in Lancashire were he worked in Blackburn as a jeweler for many years, his passion for flying never left him and was a very active member of the chipping gliding club, his sons and grandsons all have passion for flying. We know I will update with more information

ARCHIVE said...

Re: Stefan Komosa

Please contact me directly on which will be quicker and easier. I am sorry that I do not know your name and contacts here are anonymous, so I cannot reply directly unless you include your email address. Please get in touch.

kkwak said...

Witam! Chciałbym prosić o zmianę kolejności imion mojego Dziadka śp. Tadeusza Jana Kwak. W Waszym archiwum figuruje on jako Jan Tadeusz Kwak. Bardzo proszę poprawić tę pomyłkę. Będę wdzięczny, pozdrawiam serdecznie Jarosław Kwak (wnuk)

ARCHIVE said...

Witaj Jarosław

Zmieniłem nazwę twojego dziadka na mojej stronie. Jeśli masz więcej informacji na jego temat lub jakichkolwiek zdjęć , zrobię lepszą historię.

Neville Bougourd

sandra potts said...

I have in my possesision for over 50 years a polish pilots ring from the 2nd world has the eagle emblem and some inscription inside.Any advice about tracing the descendants?Thank you.

ARCHIVE said...

Hello Sandra,

The Polish Air Force in exile was a large organisation with groups in Fighter Command, Bomber Command, Coastal Command and Army Co-operation. Can you tell me if there is a name or number on the ring? I will contact you by email direct.

Alan Buckley said...

I came across your website after visiting Cambridge Cemetery where the grave of S. Waclawski can be found. I travel past the place he had the fatal accident everyday I go to work. It is very moving that his life can be remembered after all these years. I work in Air Traffic Control and one of my closest friends from work is a young Polish woman who also shares a passion for Polish WW2 history. I have been to Poland a number of times and visited a number of war related sites. Like you, I consider it a duty to remember the Poles and their sacrifices. My friend was rather despondent after Brexit but I showed her your website and it does go a little way to restore her faith in some people in her adopted country. For that I thank you from myself and my friend Anna. I hope this goes some way towards motivating you to continue with your labour of love. Alan

car_1 said...

w celu uzupełnienia listy wykazu Polskich Sił Powietrznych w W.Brytanii chciałbym podać informacje dot. mojego wujka Romana Konstantego Szwedowskiego (numer RAF-u -792213,Szwedowski Roman , ur. 28.02.1921, sierż. / W/O Pilot). Odznaczony Krzyżem Armii Krajowej ( 39578) za loty z zaopatrzeniem do POlski w latach 1944r przez Komisje Krzyża AK w Londynie dnia 08.11.1987r.

1). Ostatni adres zamieszkania
17 Gloncester Gardens
Ilford Essex
JG1 3 NJ
Miejsce pracy od 1948 aż do emerytury Mowlem Limited, ostatnio jako główny rzeczoznawca budowlany.
Data ślubu 18.10.1944r z Gracia Joan Aschley
2) Data zgonu – 13 maja 2011r. Pogrzeb odbył się 24 maja w Kościele Jana Chrzciciela Kościół Rzymskokatolicki Wanstead Park Road, Ilford Committal w City of London krematorium, North Chapel, Aldesbrook Road, Manor Park E12.

3) Druga część prochów rozsypana w dniu Cmentarzu Komunalnym w Człuchowie przy grobie jego matki Franciszki Szwedowskiej z d. Kujawska.
Jestem siostrzeńcem Romana Szwedowskiego zamieszkałym w Redzie (84-240). Mój adres mailowy:
dnia 23.01.2012 wysłałem maila na adres z w/w danymi ale nie otrzymałem odpowiedzi ani potwierdzenia

ARCHIVE said...

Dziękuję za informację. Zbadam to i opublikuję później. Jestem pewny, że znajdę o wiele więcej informacji, a potem napiszę jego historię. Jeśli wiesz cokolwiek lub masz jakieś zdjęcia, skontaktuj się ze mną na mój adres e-mail, ponieważ Twoja wiadomość nie ma adresu zwrotnego.