Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Well, here it is!  The final list of names on whom I have very little information.  If you can help with any information on any of these heroes, please contact me so that I can add them to the tribute site.  All information is welcome - no matter how trivial.  Your little bit of trivia might just be the missing link that ties together all the information I have on a particular airman.  In other words, the difference between an entry that shows name, rank and number and a whole life biopic.  But please don't offer to help and then send nothing at all.

ZABIK    F/Lt Jan    P-1782

ZAGOROWSKI    Sgt Romuald    P-794522
ZAJAC    P/O Jan    P-780403
ZAKROJKO    Sgt Jozef    P-782089
ZAKRZEWSKI     Zdzislaw    P-706084
ZAREMBA    F/Lt Antoni    P-0512
ZARUDSKI    F/O Edward F Karol    P-0855
ZAWADA    Sgt Czeslaw    P-783003
ZAWADKA    L/Ac Wladyslaw    P-782009
ZAWILINSKI    Sgt Stanislaw Adam    P-794326
ZAWISTOWSKI    L/Ac Czeslaw Roman    P-704475
ZDASIEN    Sgt Henryk    P-704421
ZEBALA    Sgt Bronislaw    P-706430
ZEISKE    Sgt Zygfryd Henryk    P-781375
ZEJDLER    F/Sgt (later Ac1) Aleksander    P-780528
ZESKO    Sgt S
ZEYFERT    F/Lt Zdzislaw Ludwik    P-2334
ZGODA    Sgt Tadeusz Pawel    P-782810
ZIEBA    F/O Tadeusz Stefan    P-1744
ZIEBA    Sgt
ZIELENIEWSKI    F/O Stanislaw    P-0831
ZIELINSKI    P/O Antoni Aleksy   P-1954
ZIELINSKI    Cpl Aleksander Marian    P-782662
ZIELINSKI    Sgt Edmund    P-780928
ZIELINSKI    Cpl Jan    P-781773
ZIELINSKI    Sgt Stanislaw    P-783882
ZIELINSKI    F/Lt Tadeusz    P-2433
ZIEMIANSKI    P/O Kazimierz    P-1586
ZIEMKIEWICZ    W/O Marian    P-794991
ZIENTEK    Sgt Jan Jozef    P-783190
ZIETEK    Sgt Franciszek    P-782066
ZIOLKOWSKI    F/Sgt Konrad    P-782064
ZIOLO    Sgt Tomasz Michal    P-784370
ZIOMEK    L/Ac Emil    P-782153
ZIOMEK    Ac1 Eugeniusz    P-782152
ZIPSER    Sgt Zbigniew    P-782078
ZLAMANIEC    Sgt Wladyslaw Karol    P-780752
ZOBOLEWICZ    W/O Henryk    P-705730
ZOLNOWSKI    Sgt Wladyslaw    P792950
ZOLOBKA    Cpl Wincenty    P-793138
ZURAWINSKI    F/Lt Henryk    P-1745
ZUREK    W/Cdr Stanislaw Jozef    P-1102
ZUREK    W/O Stanislaw Zbigniew    P-781225
ZUWALA    Sgt Zbigniew    P-780720
ZWOLINSKI    Cpl Zygmunt    P-784832
ZYKOW    Sgt Mikolaj    P-782065

Please help, if you can; all these men gave up their youth to fight for freedom; help me give them more than just name, rank and number to honour their lives.