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Damaged photographs can be repaired – thanks to the miracles of modern technology – so, unless the faces are missing, even they can be useful. If I have a photo of this type repaired, I will email a copy of the repaired version to the person who sent me the original.

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My work on 304 Squadron and its men would be difficult – if not impossible – without the help that is so freely given by my correspondents. It would also be totally pointless if nobody read the Blog. So, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past, now and in the future.

Being devoted to only one squadron, it will never achieve the level of hits that some blogs do; but I see this as quality rather than quantity. In the first three years of its existence it has gone up from about 10 hits per day to an average of 2,800 hits per month and has been read in 107 countries as of March 2013.

I am not Polish or, as far as I am aware, of Polish descent. But I do appreciate the heroic Poles who fought for the freedom I now enjoy. I feel a deep sense of shame for the treatment they were subjected to, after the war, by the British and Americans. I am also amazed at the lack of credit given to them by historians generally. This is my contribution towards enlightening anyone who cares to read it, to the debt of honour that we owe to the Poles who were beaten at home, ran away to fight in France, were beaten there then ran away to Britain and fought again. This time they won. As refugees they had no obligation to fight – but fight they did.

Czesc ich pamieci - Honour to their memory - my only words in Polish.

Neville Bougourd
12th March 2013


Anonymous said...

I'm more than grateful, to read Your blog and feel Your attitude toward all those Poles fighting for their and Your freedom. My great uncle was chief commander of 304 sq. P.Esse

ARCHIVE said...

Thank you for your comment, but please contact me again on my email address. You did not mention your great uncle's name, but if you would like me to add an entry, or improve the existing one, please let me know

Rob Williams said...

Thank you for your work on this website and building this archive. I recently stayed in Marloes, Pembrokeshire and our rented cottage overlooked the airfield, which prompted me to start to research who was based there and more of their history. I was inspired by the single Wellington taking on several Junkers and then moved to tears reading the account of their deaths the following month. I am not of Polish ancestry, but nonetheless will be lighting a candle and saying a prayer in rememberance on October 16th.
I am also considering writing to ask the local church to consider remembering each airman who died whilst serving at Dale and perhaps putting up a plaque to remember and honour them.

Keep up your good work.
Rob Williams

malan 666 said...

Cześć. Odezwę się niedługo, Mój dziadek był pilotem-nawigatorem w Dywizjonie 304. ppuł.Jan Tadeusz Buczma. mam kilka zdjęc i tym podobne materiały