Sunday, 21 March 2010


He was a navigator, born on 14th July 1917 and posted in from RAF Bramcote on 20th June 1941; he was killed when DV423 was shot down by a night fighter on a mission to Wilhelmshaven on 10th January 1942.  He had previously survived the crash of X3164 on 30th November 1941.  In Luftwaffe records it was claimed by Oberleutnant Rudolph Schoenert of 5/NJG2 10 kilometres north of Nordeney at 23.15hrs at an altitude of 5,000 metres (about 16,500 feet).
Photo © ARS Group


K.Dabrowski said...

Moj Wujek, brat Babci, Józef Mączyński. Nie wiele było o nim wiadomo, po za tym, ze zginął. Cieszę sie że znalazłem te zdjecie, dzieki!

ARCHIVE said...

Translation of the previous comment: My Uncle, Grandma's brother, Joseph Mączyński. Not much was known about him, after that, as he died. I'm glad I found this picture, thanks!