Saturday, 20 March 2010


He survived the crash of R1268 near Edmondsley, Co Durham on 14th December 1940.  He was badly injured and did not return to the squadron for flying duties until 17th March 1941.  He is believed to have transferred to 301 Squadron and he was later awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari Silver Cross, 5th class and the British DFC.  Little is known of his service after that except that he was posted to 300 Squadron on 21st March 1945 from the Polish Depot at Blackpool.

He was born on 6th December 1908 and served as an Observer; he died on 26th June 1993 in Lodz, Poland.  New  evidence suggests that he was the leader of A Flight in 300 Squadron at the end of the War and that he was the recipient of the DFC.

Photo courtesy of Chris Kropinski

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