Sunday, 21 March 2010


He was a radio operator and was born on 30th March 1916.  He survived the crash of W5627 on a mission to Cologne on 28th April 1942; the aircraft was shot down on its way home and crashed near Chatel-Censoir,  France.  He was made a Prisoner of War and was interned in camps L3 & 4B.  There are reports that Sgt Lipski was killed in this crash but the RAF records, the Lost Bombers website and Mariusz Konarski all state that he was interned.  Konarski states that the aircraft crashed in Spain but this seems unlikely as it was on its way home from Cologne.  The survival theory gains strength from the record of a death of Bohdan Lipski ( with the same service number) in Swindon, Wiltshire in April 1984, with a birth date one day earlier than the one given above.

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