Saturday, 20 March 2010


He was a pilot, born on 16th January 1914.  On the outbreak of war, in September 1939, he was flying reconnaissance and bombing missions in PZL23B Karas with 22 Eskadra Bombowa.  He was known to be in service on 5th January 1942.  He was promoted to Flight Sergeant on 12th February 1942 and accidentally killed on Z1072 on 11th July 1942.  Buried at Newark upon Trent Cemetery .  He is known to have won the Distinguished Flying Medal, the Cross of Valour (four times) and he was awarded the silver cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari on 21st November 1941 by Air Vice Marshal Ujejski.  During March 1942 he was seconded to Boscombe Down for “Experimental flying” – there was no further explanation given but this is believed to be a secondment to 18 OTU.

Photo © ARS Group

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