Saturday, 20 March 2010


He was a navigator, born on 1st September 1909.   He graduated in 1931 and was posted to Lida and later transferred to 31 Squadron (army aviation) in which he served on the outbreak of war.

He came to England and flew with the squadron possibly from 1942, but was known to be in service at least between 28th March 1943 and 7th November 1943.  On the former date he attacked a U-Boat in the Bay of Biscay, inflicting serious damage on it.

He survived the accidental crash of HE576 on 29th July 1943 near RAF Davidstow Moor, with minor injuries.  He also survived the crash of Wellington HF150 at RAF Haverfordwest on 7th November 1943.  This was during a training exercise with the Leigh Light and the aircraft had engine trouble and made an emergency landing.  Failing at the first attempt, the pilot went round again and, on the second attempt, struck Wellington MP615 of 3 OTU which was stationary and unlit.  Both aircraft were written off but no one appears to have been hurt

He survived the war and was last heard of in Canada in 1946.

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