Saturday, 20 March 2010


Tadeusz Krzystek lists him as a pilot with 304 Squadron but it is unclear whether this was before or after his stint flying special operations with 1586 Flight. He was born on 27th July 1913 and prior to the war he was a navigator with 217 Bomber Squadron, flying on the PZL37 Moose mainly .

On 16th August 1944 he was on board Handley Page Halifax JP220 on a mission out of RAF Brindisi in Italy.  This was a supply drop to the Polish resistance fighters during the Warsaw uprising.  As the supplies were being offloade, the aircraft was hit by flak, losing two engines and catching fire.  The pilot crash landed the aircraft near Bochnia in Poland and all but one of the crew survived, evaded capture and made it back to England in April 1945.  Stefan Bohanes (the crew member who was killed) was also an ex-304 Squadron member so it is more likely that Kretowicz was with the squadron before this flight.

He survived the war and was last heard of in England in 1947.

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