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He was a pilot, born on 6th May 1917 and is believed to have been awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari.

On 2nd February 1945, he attacked a U – Boat in the Irish Sea with depth charges; the results are not known.   However, there is an uncorroborated statement in “The Airmen” by Roger Horky, that this U-Boat was sunk.  On 2nd April 1945 he attacked a U-boat south west of Ireland and dropped depth charges, on a rapidly submerging submarine, from about 130 feet.  A large patch of oil was seen but no debris appeared.  Subsequent examination of German records showed that at the same time and in the same location (50.00N by 12.57W), U321 was lost on its first patrol.  The entire crew of 41 were killed.

He survived the war and died on 13th September 1969 at Wigan, Lancashire (now Greater Manchester).


Adam Furlepa said...

Hello, Rudolf Marczak family lives in Poland, the daughter of his brother, Krystyna lives in OstrĂ³da.
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Adam Furlepa said...

in the September campaign, he served in the Army Poznan.

ARCHIVE said...

Welcome Adam,

If you have any more information on Rudolf Marczak, or if you can put me in touch with his family please contact me directly on because your emails have no return address.