Friday, 19 February 2010


Progress is a word that seems to have disappeared from my vocabulary at the moment.  I have entered one of those phases where nothing is happening.  The flow of information has dried up; I am in the paradoxical state of despair and optimism.  No information is forthcoming but I've been there before and it will come back.  In these times I get a bit depressed and think of the dozen, or so, people who have promised information and photographs and then ducked below the radar and turned up with nothing; I think of people I have contacted who have a potential bucket of information and totally ignore my approaches and I think of the people who have said that this is a well worthwhile project and then disappear.

But I am the eternal optimist and keep going.  OK Despair cancelled!  I still have a lot of information to post here and I'm not the first researcher to be frustrated.  The good news is that I have a potential publisher and this story can still be told.

No matter what, the memory of these brave Polish airmen will be on this site for a long time.  I care - do you?  If anyone out there can help, please contact me.

You may have noticed that I am doing these entries alphabetically (as and when I have time off work to make them).  Wait for Janicki, Jozefiak, Waroczewski and others and then you will see what I am driving at.

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