Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Just to take a break from the casualties, I would like to show you this picture.  It is not a 304 Squadron aircraft but it is a Wellington Bomber and it is from a Polish Squadron.  You will see that it has taken a lot of punishment and come home safely.  I think you will also see just how much it takes to knock a Wellington out.  No other aircraft (on either side) could take this kind of damage.  It also shows the courage of the Polish aircrews and how deeply involved the Poles were into the carnage of battle.  Its inherent strength is in the geodetic aluminium framework that is clearly visible.  This was designed by Sir Neville Barnes-Wallis, who also designed the bouncing bombs that destroyed the dams in the Ruhr Valley.

And did I mention that the framework was covered by linen?  Yes linen, stretched tight and covered with dope (basically varnish) to harden it.  Not exactly bullet proof.

Photo courtesy of the Aircrew Remembrance Society

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