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He was a pilot, born on 22nd October 1916. Before the war he was a technical officer in the Polish Army but joined the Air Force in January 1938.

He fought in the September Campaign and subsequently made his way to France where he fought with the French Air Force until France capitulated and he escaped to Britain.

It was whilst he was in the army camp in Gloucester that he volunteered for the Air Force in July 1940. He attended Flying Training Schools and was promoted to Flying Officer in September 1941. In April 1942 he joined 18OTU and 3 Air Gunnery School and then in November 1943 he was posted to 304 Squadron where he stayed until the end of the war He is known to have attacked a German U-Boat on 20th February 1945 but was unable to confirm the extent of any damage. During his time with the squadron he was seconded to 6OTU at RAF Silloth in Cumberland (now Cumbria) between April and July of 1944. He was demobilised in April 1945, just days before the end of the war and at this time, he had flown 44 operational missions. He had won the Cross of Valour and the Polish Air Force Medal three times each.

He survived the war and immediately afterwards took a degree at the University of London; he emigrated to Canada in about 1974 and lived in Toronto, Ontario. After the war he became a writer and produced several non-fiction books and novels based on his wartime experiences.


Bohdan Ejbich said...

Many errors in the presentation. I-Bohdan Ejbich Fl/Lt PO.0922 have served in Polish Air Force since Jan. 1938. After the war in Poland I have served in French Air Force eventually have served in PAF/RAF in 304 bomber squodron in Great Britain.All other achievements covered in 10 books on the Air Force matters.
Landed in Canada 11 April 1952.
Bohdan Ejbich.... yes Sir... himself.

ARCHIVE said...

I am still trying to verify the origin of this post because he left no return email address for me to contact him. However, the information appears to be correct and so the appropriate changes have been made