Tuesday, 2 February 2010


X9764 6th April 1942

Whilst on a bombing mission from RAF Lindholme to Cologne, this Mk 1c aircraft was shot down by a night fighter near Geetbetz, (Brabant), 28 kilometres ENE of Leuven, Belgium. None of the crew survived and all were buried at St Truiden. P/O Assman had previously survived being shot down by flak in W5720 on 26th October 1941. Luftwaffe records show that it was shot down by Oberleutnant Heinrich Petersen and Fw Leidenbach of 6/NJG1 Geetbets 10 KM North West St. Trond at 02.28hrs.The dead were: F/O Zygmunt Natkanski, P/O Ludwik Karol Assman, P/O Alfred Osadzinski, P/O Kazimierz Ziemianski, Sgt Zdzislaw Babraj, Sgt Dominik Marian Grajnert.Oberleutnant Petersen was injured when his Messerschmidt Me110 was in a mid-air collision with a Short Stirling, R9314 (OJ-T) on the night of 5th June 1942. The Stirling lost its rear turret but Oblt Petersen’s aircraft was lost and he baled out. He survived the war and was credited with 2 kills.