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He was born on 12th May 1922 in Bialobrzegi near Radom. In 1938 he joined the training school in Swiecie. His training was cut short by the outbreak of war and he was evacuated from Krosno to the airbase at Luck. When that base was bombed, the students were scattered throughout the local area and some time later he was captured by the Russians at Chelm Lubelski.
He was sent to Russia but he escaped en route and made his way home. During a later attempt to cross into Romania, he was again taken by the Russians and held prisoner in Bialystock. After a “trial” he was deported to Russia where he was virtually a slave labourer in the city of Gorki.

Following the German attack on Russia he was eventually (March 1942) allowed to join the Polish army that was being formed in Russia by General Anders. It is known that he travelled through the Middle East, specifically Iraq, but there are no further details on how he came to Britain or when. Presumably he was routed through RAF Blackpool since he had volunteered for the air force.

He trained at No 8 Air Gunnery School at RAF Evanton, Invergordon, Scotland completing his course on 25th August 1944. Following this he attended No 10 Signal School (possibly at RAF Blackpool) where he completed his wireless operator training on 11th October 1944. He then joined 6OTU at Silloth, Cumberland (now Cumbria) on 5th November 1944 for his operational training. On completion of this course, he was posted to 304 Squadron at RAF St Eval in Cornwall on 10th March 1945 as a wireless operator/air gunner flying anti-submarine missions.

In his short period of operational service he was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit and both Polish and British Campaign medals.

He was discharged in 1948 and emigrated to Australia where he worked on the railways and whatever other jobs he could find. He returned to England in 1956 and trained in Nottingham as a welder then returned to Poland in 1958 where he continued in that trade.

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