Friday, 1 October 2010


He was born on 17th June 1917 in Krasocin in the province of Kielce. In 1935 he joined the training school in Bydgoszcz, qualifying as an aircraft mechanic in 1938. After this he was sent to the 2nd Air Regiment in Krakow and attached to24 Reconnaissance Squadron, taking part in the September Campaign until he was evacuated to Romania on 18th September 1939.

Like so many others he went to France by an unspecified route and moved on to England after France capitulated. He was retrained on British aircraft and then posted to 304 Squadron where he remained until they disbanded in December 1946. He specialised as an engine fitter and played an important part in keeping the squadron airborne. He was awarded the Air Medal, having worked under difficult conditions on aerodromes that were always within easy reach of Luftwaffe bombers.

After demobilisation he emigrated to Canada and died in Rexdale, Ontario on a date unknown.

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