Thursday, 30 September 2010


He was born on 2nd January 1920 in Zagorze in the Province of Lwow and finished his schooling in 1937. The next year he enrolled in the Pilot Training School in Swiecie but his training was curtailed by the outbreak of war and all the students were evacuated to Romania on 17th September 1939.

He made his way to France by an unknown route but he requested a move to England and arrived here on 19th February 1940. After language training and basic training he was selected to train as a pilot on 1st October 1941 and completed the course at the beginning of May 1942.

He was then sent, on 2nd May 1942, to the No 6 Air Gunnery School and begun his operational training with 6OTU at Silloth in Cumberland (now Cumbria) on 1st January 1944. Three months later, on 7th April 1944, he was posted to 304 Squadron at RAF Chivenor in Devon from where he flew anti-submarine missions until 2nd February 1945 when he was posted to No 3 School of General Reconnaissance, probably at RAF Squires Gate, Blackpool.

On 5th September 1945 he was transferred to RAF Kinloss at Forres on the Moray Firth, Scotland as an instructor. He remained there until his final discharge in January 1949 but he rejoined the RAF in July of that year. He finally retired from the service on 15th February 1962.

During his career he was awarded the Cross of Valour twice and the Air Medal. He was also granted the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service.

In his retirement he took work as a delivery driver for a dairy. He died at the early age of 48 on 19th March 1968 at Fiveroads, Llanelli, Wales

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