Friday, 15 October 2010


He was a navigator, born on 29th January 1910 at Toszonowicach.  He graduated from the Aviation Cadet School in Deblin in 1931.  During the September Campaign he was a Lieutenant in 217 Bomber Squadron serving as a tactical officer.                  

In England he was posted to 301 Squadron, he was shot down over Germany, on 5th May 1942, on a mission to Stuttgart and escaped to fly again.  The aircraft was within 20 miles of its target when it was hit by flak and forced to turn back.  The crew baled out and the aircraft crashed in Belgium.  He landed near Namur and was eventually assisted to travel through France, Spain and Gibraltar from where he got back to England.

He was killed on Wellington R1716 which was lost on patrol over the Bay of Biscay on 1st November 1942, shot down by an enemy fighter.  German records show that it was shot down by Hauptman Hein-Horst Hissbach of 15/KG40 west south west of Brest, France at 16.56hrs.

He was awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari for bravery in combat in Poland and subsequently the Cross of Valour twice.

Photo copyright of the Sikorski Institute

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