Saturday, 3 April 2010


He was known to be in service on 14th January 1942. On 28th April 1942 he was shot down over Chatel-Censoir, France on the return leg of a bombing mission to Cologne.  Two of his crew were reputedly killed (but there is evidence that all the crew survived and eventually returned to England ) and two more were injured; they were taken to local hospitals and may have escaped or been made prisoners of war.  Julian Morawski walked into the village of Montillot was hidden by the locals and taken to a remote village, Charbonniere, where he remained until the Resistance took him through the Free French Zone  and into Spain. 

He was interned in the camp at Miranda but escaped and returned to England.  He subsequently transferred to 307 night fighter squadron and then 138 Special Duties squadron. 

He was killed on 13th July 1943 when Halifax JD155 was shot down during a supply drop to the Resistance in Normandy (Operation Roach 94).  His aircraft crashed near the Chateau d’Lillebec St Paul-sur-Risle.  He is buried in the Grainville-Langannerie cemetery; the gravestone wrongly attributes the date of death as 13th July 1944  He was awarded the Krzyz Walechznych (Cross of Valour) by Air Vice Marshal Ujejski on 21st November 1941.  He was also awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari Silver Cross, 5th class.

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