Saturday, 3 April 2010


He was posted in to the squadron on 20th March 1941 and promoted to Flight Sergeant on 12th February 1942.  He survived the crash landing of R1002 (NZ – L) on 15th July 1941 near Stiffkey, Norfolk, which was hit by flak on a mission to Bremen. He also survived the crash landing of R1697 at RAF Lindholme on 24th April 1942.  The aircraft jettisoned its bombs from 16,500 feet over Flensburg, following a surprise attack by a Messerschmidt Me110 fighter.  The aircraft was damaged and the pilot (Squadron Leader Czetowicz) and rear gunner (P/O Apanasik) were struck by bullets but all survived.  He was awarded the Order of Virtuti Militari on 21st November 1941 by Air Vice Marshal Ujejski, having previously been awarded theCross of Valour on 28th June 1941.

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