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The following Polish air crew managed about 20 missions together in 304 Squadron during the course of WW2

First pilot
W/O Tadeusz Boba  P782718
Born 23rd May 1920 at Zamosc, Lublin, Poland
Died 4th August 2002 at Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England

Second pilot
F/Lt Witold Michalewski   P2473
Born 31st May 1917 at Irkuck (Irkutsk ?) Russia
Died 25th July 2003 at Largo, Florida, USA

Sgt Zdzislaw Eugeniusz Kostyrka  P781595
Born 7th June 1909
Died 22nd September 1951, London, England

Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Sgt Albert Czeszniewski  P704992
Born 2nd January 1925

Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Sgt Franciszek Rusiecki  P705036
Born 9th March 1924 at Hancewicze, Poland (now Belarus)
Died 14th February 2012 at Carleton, Nottingham, England

Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Sgt Roman Potasinski  P703786
Born 12th January 1913

This crew flew about 20 missions together at the latter end of the War (1944/45) but seem to have attracted little documentary attention other than the Operational Record Book reports on their activities.  Even photographs are in short supply.  I have a confirmed photograph of Sgt Rusiecki and a possible photograph of W/O Boba but none of any of the others.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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