Thursday, 3 November 2011


Here is a third batch of 304 Squadron men for whom I have little or no information.  There must be someone out there who has information on at least some of them.  If you can help, please contact me on

EDELMAN Sgt Tadeusz P-703907
EHRLICH Sgt Stanislaw P-703908
EJSMONT Sgt Konstanty P-783952
EKIERT Sgt Edward Stanislaw P-793833
EMERLE L/Ac Bronislaw P-782203
FABIS Cpl Wladyslav P-792443
FABRYCY (OR FARRYCY) Sgt Antoni Mieczyslaw P-704200
FACHLER Ac2 Adam P-70659
FAJA Sgt Ernest P-706799
FALANDYSZ Cpl Antoni P-781579
FALCZYNSKI F/Lt Jan Jozef P-2500
FALKENSTEIN L/Ac Czeslaw P-703361
FAMULSKI F/Sgt Ewald Franciszek P-706456
FEDAK Sgt Jerzy P-793586
FEIGE L/Ac Tadeusz P-782741
FELSKI L/Ac Henryk P-708248
FERCHMIN F/O Boleslaw P-0170
FERENC Sgt Stefan P-792687
FIDLER Sgt Jozef P-781167
FIEBIG Cpl Alfons P-793986
FIENKO L/Ac Wlodzimierz P-703362
FIGURA F/O P P-780903
FIJALKOWSKI F/Lt Franciszek P-0385
FILIPOW Sgt Kazimierz Jozef. P-782096
FILIPOWICZ F/Lt Stanislaw P-0813
FISZER L/Ac Michal Stanislaw P-781137
FLORCZAK W/O Stanislaw Henryk P-784115
FRANCZAK Sgt Stanislaw Mieczyslaw
FRANKIEWICZ Cpl Mieczyslaw P-703876
FRANKIEWICZ L/Ac Tadeusz P-706373
FREJER Cpl Kazimierz P-703363
FREYER F/Lt Antoni P-1828
FRONCISZ Cpl Edward P-782571
GAJDA L/Ac Bronislaw Edward P-783262
GAJDZINSKI Cpl Henryk P-783562
GAJEWICZ F/O Wladyslaw P-2983
GAJEWSKI L/Ac Stanislaw P-781569
GAJSZYN W/O Stanislaw P-703997
GALAZKA F/Sgt Zygmunt P-704885
GALCZYNSKI F/O Zbigniew Mieczyslaw P-0023
GALECKI L/Ac Hieronim P-782098
GALUSZKA L/Ac Wladyslaw P-708361
GAPINSKI L/Ac Jan P-781422
GARBACZ Sgt Wincenty P-781505
GARBICZ F/Sgt Stanislaw P-782190
GARSTECKI F/Lt Kazimierz Stanislaw P-2309
GARSTKA Sgt Stanislaw P-783661
GASIORSKI W/O Witold Tadeusz
GAWERSKI Cpl Witold Zygmunt P-784164
GAWINOWICZ W/O Edward P-704113
GAWLIK Sgt Konstanty P-794102
GAWOR P/O (Spelling may be GOWAR)
GEBICKI Sgt Henryk P-782121
GEBICKI F/Sgt Stefan P-0188
GEMSA Sgt Ryszard
GIBAS Sgt Ludwik
GIEMBICKI L/Ac Czeslaw P-707118
GIERCZAK L/Ac Waclaw P-792288
GIERSZAL Sgt Bronislaw P-780773
GIMBUTT F/Sgt Wladyslaw P-783175
GISMAN F/Lt Adam Edward P-0025
GLABICKI L/Ac Jozef P-794093
GLAPA Cpl Ludwik P-784224
GLEBOCKI F/Lt Jerzy P-0604 (changed to 500385 on conversion to RAF)
GLEGOLSKI F/Sgt Konstanty P-784535
GLINSKI Sgt Napoleon P-781488
GLOWACKI F/Lt Jerzy P-1921
GLOWINSKI W/O Edward P-705579
GLUSKI F/Lt Ryszard Andrzej P-1660
GLUSZEK Wawrzyniec P-703601
GOLABEK Sgt Boguslaw P-793867
GOLEBIOWSKI Cpl Jozef Stanislaw P-782082
GOLISZ L/Ac Jozef P-703238
GONCERZ Cpl Wladyslaw P-782349
GORALIK L/Ac Jozef P-783242
GORALSKI W/O Stanislaw P-780804
GORECKI F/O Jerzy P-0739
GORKA Sgt Franciszek P-794717
GRABOWSKI Sgt Boleslaw P-782069
GRABOWSKI W/O Eugeniusz P-781607
GRABOWSKI F/Sgt Henryk P794908
GRABOWSKI L/Ac Jerzy P-705846
GRACZYK F/Sgt Witold P-2464
GRACZYK F/Sgt Wladyslaw Stanislaw P-780233
GRAJNERT Sgt Dominik Marian P-783452
GRAMIAK Sgt Grzegorz Piotr P-794786
GROM Sgt Piotr Pawel P782838
GROMEK F/Sgt Zygmunt P-780176
GROMZYNSKI L/Ac Antoni P-794419
GRUDZIEN Cpl Borys P-782631
GRUSZECKI Cpl Tadeusz Stanislaw P-781961
GRUSZKIEWICZ Cpl Witalis P-781948
GRYGIER L/Ac Stefan P-792194
GULCZYNSKI Zenon Kazimierz P-784942
GULUK F/Sgt Dymitr P-706132
GUMIELA Sgt Jozef P-792630
GURA F/O Alojzy P-0426
GUSTOWSKI W/O Zdzislaw P-780680
GWOZDZIEWICZ F/Sgt Jan Stanislaw P-783601


Kazik said...

I am granddaughter of Ernest Faja of the Polish pilot from 304 squadron.I looking more information about

Kirsty said...

RE: FELSKI L/Ac Henryk P-708248

I believe this is my grandfather.

He is listed on some Polish military records as 'Felski Henryk (Sałatowski) - 708248, LAC, Motor Transport Driver, 14.09.1924'
I am told that he was based on the East Coast on the Polish Air Force.
I believe his birth name was Sałatowski but he changed it to Felski and later to Porter after moving to Nottingham, UK.
I believe he fathered 15 children including my mother. He passed away in 1987 (if my memory serves me)

Hope that helps!

ARCHIVE said...

Hello Kirsty,

I have found the date your grandfather joined the squadron and the date he left it but I have no information about him and no photograph of him in uniform. If you can help, please contact me on Unfortunately, I cannot contact you as these comments are posted on a no reply basis and I do not have your email address

Edyta said...

GURA F/O Alojzy P-0426 is my great uncle.

Edyta Gora

ARCHIVE said...

Please tell me more and I will write his story. I cannot reply to your comment because there is no return email address. Contact me on