Sunday, 25 May 2008


Originally posted 21st April 2008
A man of considerable fighting pedigree, he fought with Polish (Army) forces until the collapse of the September Campaign in 1939, then joined the Polish Resistance. After capture by the Russians, and internment in a Siberian labour camp, they released allied prisoners of war when Hitler broke his pact and invaded Russia. He continued to fight with reconstituted Polish Army forces from 1941 until 1943, when he came to the UK via Basra in Iraq.
This indomitable fighting spirit led him, like so many others, of whom I have no details, to join the Royal (Polish) Air Force at the PAF Depot at Blackpool, Lancashire. He went on to the No 13 Training Wing at Torquay, Devon and the Air Crew Despatch Centre No 31PD in Canada, then the No 6 OTU at Harrogate, North Yorkshire. In 1945 he went to 304 Squadron (Coastal Command) at St Eval, Cornwall where he was involved in anti-submarine warfare, and then on to RAF East Wretham, although not with 304 Squadron, serving with the Polish Resettlement Corps until 1948.

Photo courtesy of Jan Kaliciak

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