Sunday, 25 May 2008


Originally posted on 8th Feb 2008
The second bomber mystery is a Mk 1c Vickers Wellington which crashed on 1st October 1941 near Micklefield, close to Leeds, West Yorkshire. There is very little information on this crash except that the pilot was Sergeant Lozowicki and he had a crew of three mechanics. The aircraft was taken away and salvaged, or rather repaired as it flew again and was lost after being shot down over the Bay of Biscay on 16th October 1942 with a totally different crew. The original crew all survived but one member was injured and treated at RAF Church FentonIts final destruction is well documented but there is virtually nothing on the earlier crash landing. My main interest was in R1268 but I have become passionate about anything concerned with 304 Squadron and I am also trying to find out anything I can about R1413 to help my friend who has done so much to help me. So if anyone out there has any information from their fathers or grandfathers, please pass it on.

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