Wednesday, 28 December 2016


When I started this blog, I was unsure if anyone was even reading it!  I was delighted if I received as little as 30 hits per day.  Eventually, I was excited when the number of hits went well past that level and I was really pleased on Christmas Day of this year (2016) when it reached 150,000.  This being my birthday, was a very special treat to me and made me feel that my efforts were worthwhile.  I must say that I find Germany and Russia in the top ten to be very surprising.
Some inane pop star might reach that number every day, but for a small personal blog - dedicated to a single Squadron - it was something special.  So, I would like to thank you all for reading it.  As of now, the score is 150,147 and has been viewed in 142 countries.  The top ten countries are as follows:

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Ben Haslam said...

Hi Neville, congratulations on the success of your blog and a very Happy New Year to you. Hope 2017 brings you much happiness.