Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Following the Brexit campaign and the subsequent victory, I have received a lot of abuse and insults.  The whole point of this blog is that it was non-political and in support of the Polish Airmen.  I wanted to keep their memories alive and to honour their bravery.
I am now being subjected to insults and abuse - even from people of Polish descent whom I have helped in the past.  It seems pointless to go on with this project if the people I had hoped to help are my biggest critics and want nothing more than to heap abuse on me.
I have not yet made a final decision but I cannot see any sensible reason to keep on committing my time and resources to help people who will then turn on me because my country has chosen to go it alone and come out of Europe.


Ben Haslam said...

I'm disappointed and saddened to hear this news. Those responsible for abusing and insulting you should be ashamed of themselves. As you have stated, the purpose of your blog is very clear and has nothing whatsoever to do with current politics. Your genuine, wholehearted and selfless commitment to commemorate these Poles is blindingly obvious. Obvious enough, surely, to discredit the kind of accusations I presume you have been subjected to. You have my full support. I hope that the lines of communication can be kept open and that the fears of those concerned be allowed the time needed to settle. I sincerely hope that you are able to carry on and that friendships can be rekindled. Your intentions for starting this blog were admirable and altruistic, and I'm sure your admiration for these Poles, the men you honour so well here, has not lessened over time. So keep going! Maybe we all need a breather right now. I think the whole country does. Whatever you decide you should be proud of what you have achieved. You have my admiration, and, far more importantly, I am convinced you would have the admiration of the men of 304 Squadron if they were with us today.

ARCHIVE said...

Thanks for your support Ben. I have decided to have a cooling off period before making a rash decision. My admiration for the Polish airmen has not diminished but you can only take so much abuse, personal and National, without reacting. A lot of people don't like the fact that I have hit back but many of my critics are in Australia, a comfortable 12,000 miles away from all this hassle. Perhaps if they have bombings, soldiers beheaded in the street etc., they will begin to understand what it is like over here.

oscar said...

Yes! There is a powerful reason to continue with the fantastic work you have undertaken for so many years-
My Grandchildren found your site and learnt more about my late Father Wing Commander Stanislaw Josef Zurek OBE DFC- Commander 304 Squadron 1945.
Than I could tell them!
I do not think this present problem with continue for long-
Throughout my Professional life I have encountered similar unpleasant experiences in periods of national anxiety and uncertainty here and abroad.
I am sure the majority of the population bear no malice and in the main encourage diversity of race and nationality-
I understand the hurt you must feel, however it is vital you continue to provide a bridge between the Polish Airmen who lived and lost their lives
defending our ideals and our countries-
Your work should (if not already) be archived in print and sold as a history of the squadron my late Father had the Honour to command.
Finally I personally wish to thank you on behalf of my Family for your hard work in bringing to life the endeavours of these brave Airmen-
We have a lot to thank them for-
I send my heartfelt greetings
Kind regards
Dr. Andrew A Alexander Zurek MBChB (Edin) - Retired Senior Lecturer University of Liverpool

ARCHIVE said...

Thank you for your support. I have never felt hostility towards the Poles and I have spent a great deal of my time and resources trying to ensure their memory is preserved. It came hard when I was branded as a racist - especially against the Poles, and even more so by people I had already helped.

Your father's story was easy to write - the hard part was finding a suitable photograph! But please keep looking because if any additional information comes along, I will add to the story.

Alastair Graham said...

I too was deeply saddened to read of the abuse that you have had to endure. That sort of mindless activity defiles the memory of all the personnel who trained, served and fought -and some of whom died- in 304(P) Squadron, RAF.
Yes, the UK seems to be undergoing some sort of collective lunacy at the moment, but hopefully it will pass. It doesn't excuse what you are having to put up with.
So, don't give up Neville!
Best wishes- and you can certainly publish my address!
Alastair Graham
6 St Georges Square, Worcester WR1 1HX

ARCHIVE said...

Thank you Alastair,

Your support is particularly encouraging - coming from the son of a former Commanding Officer of 304 Squadron. I have expressed my dismay at the threat from Radical Muslims but I have never said one word against the Poles. As you are very well aware, I am a great admirer of the Poles and I have spent the last nine years of my life researching and publicising their heroic performance in the defence of this country. I don't want to give up but the venom that has been directed at me by people of Polish descent is unbelievable - even some who I have helped in the past.