Wednesday, 28 May 2014


There is a move afoot to honour the memory of the Heroes of 304 Squadron by incorporating their badge into the new crest for 304 Squadron Air Training Corps.  I fully endorse this new honour and hope that you will too.  Please let me know what you think about this idea.  But please include a return email address as all comments on this blog are normally anonymous.  It is so nice to know that someone else wishes to honour the achievements of the Squadron.


Monty Pines said...

Wonderful idea. Please let me know more about what is happening. It is shameful the treament of all Poles after the War. Why did WWII start? Were we and France not allied with Poland? Yet they were completely forgotten and shunned at the end. the BoB could have been lost with out the skilled Polish airmen.

ARCHIVE said...

Thanks for your comment Monty. It would be naïve to think that the three way agreement between Britain, France and Poland was any more than a bluff. However Chamberlain and Daladier succeeded in buying time for re-armament.

Neither Britain nor France had the military strength nor the stomach for another war only twenty years after the end of the biggest conflagration in history - so far.

At the end of the war, Poland was the sacrificial lamb to Stalin's greed and ambition. Neither Britain nor America wanted an extension of the war to take on Russia - although, if we had, there might have been no Cold War.

The Polish Airmen were invited to march in the Victory Parade but they, honourably, refused to take part without their soldiers and sailors. To the eternal shame of Britain, America and France, Poland was handed to Russia on a plate.

That can't be undone - but Poland has risen again.