Tuesday, 5 March 2013


As an end piece to my prievious entry, the crew list was as follows: W/O  Henryk Sawosko, Sgt Stanislaw Gajszyn, Sgt Tadeusz Liczbinski, Sgt Ignacy Pawlowski, Sgt Jozef Stendera, Sgt Franciszek Strauch and all survived with only minor injuries except Sgt Stendera who was almost scalped!  The Squadron ORB reports the incident as follows:
"Owing to haze in base area, Captain decided to land at St. Merryn, where the aircraft crashed on overshooting the runway and was totally wrecked. The entire crew escaped unhurt."


Jonathan C said...

Thanks for making this post.

Sgt. Strauch was my Grandfather, apart from a few photographs we really dont know much about him before/during the war before he settled in England - so its great to learn something new!

All the best,

Jonathan C said...

Thanks for making this post,

Sgt. Strauch was my Granfather, we dont really know much about his time before he settled in England after the war so its nice to learn something new!

All the best,

Forensic Genealogy Blog said...

Dear Jonathan,

I am searching for a Franciszek Strauch who was living at 48 Tamka St., Warsaw in 1942. He may have saved the life of a friend of mine by helping to smuggle her out of the Warsaw Ghetto. I would like to talk to you about your grandfather to see if he could be the same person. Neville, the owner of the blog, has my contact information, so if you could please send him yours, he can put us in touch with each other.

Thanks for any help you may give me,

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Identifinders International