Saturday, 19 May 2012


Over the past few years, I have written much about Polish airmen serving at, or passing through, Lyon-Bron air base, in France.  Can anyone please help me with photographs of identified Polish airmen serving there before the fall of France in June 1940?  I have been disparaging about French politicians who caved in and served the Germans - but not about the Free French Forces (and, indeed, the Maquis) who were just as brave as the Poles and the Brits who fought on against the Nazi menace.  I would love to publish pictures which show Poles fighting in France.  Those Poles who moved on to fight in 304 Squadron will be shown here with their French compatriots and those who went to other squadrons will be passed on to other researchers.  So, to my French readers, please send me photos if you can.

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