Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I have placed several lists of Polish Airmen on this blog, requesting information on them (and there are more to come) and I have had a number of responses asking what information I want.   To make things as clear as possible, I want to create mini-biographies to show that they were men and not just fighting machines; this site is intended as a memorial to human beings - to honour the brave Poles who fought for my country.

I would like information on their date and place of birth; their life in Poland before the war; their wartime service and their life after the war (if they survived the hostilities) and their date and place of death and burial if they are no longer living.  If you have documents, photographs etc. please send me scans NOT originals. 

I am a genuine researcher but there are those who will ask to borrow documents, photos, medals, uniforms etc. to be professionally photographed or scanned.  These items very often end up on Ebay or similar sites and are never seen again by their rightful owners.

Furthermore, I never ask for, or accept, money - this research is carried out at my own expense and all entries on the site are placed there free.  It is intended as a tribute and a memorial - not a money making scam.

If anyone wants to make a financial contribution, please send it to Help For Heroes (in Britain) or a similar charity in your own country or the Sikorski Institute in London, who help preserve the memory of Polish fighting men.

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