Tuesday, 6 September 2011


In the statistics for this blog, I note that there are a lot of views from Germany.  I would like to make it very clear that my intention is to pay respect to the Polish airmen who fought for Britain.  I do not intend any disrespect to the Luftwaffe or its personnel and I appreciate that there were a large number of very brave men who fought amongst its numbers.  Never forget that Douglas Bader and Adolf Galland remained very good friends for the rest of their lives.

The war is over and it is time for all men, on both sides, to accept that and to acknowledge the bravery of friend and enemy alike.  If you are a German and can tell me anything about actions in which Polish airmen were involved, please do.  If you can tell me which fighter pilot shot down a Polish bomber, that adds to the historical information - it does not create enmity.  If your father was the German soldier who shot my father - c'est la guerre - he recovered and lived another 50 years!  If my father was the unknown enemy and shot your father - I'm sorry, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

If your ancestor was a Luftwaffe pilot and you have useful information, please talk to me.  I promise you that I hold no grudge and I do not hate Germans!  I know that it is very difficult for German citizens to talk about the war, but I assure you that nothing you say will be used without your permission.

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