Wednesday, 27 July 2011


On 2nd February 2010, I reported on Wellington HF208 (2S) which was apparently struck by lightning and crashed into Mount Brandon in Ireland on 21st December 1943.  The story I had was that the crew were all killed by exploding ammunition from their own aircraft, rather than the crash itself.

I have recently been given some fresh evidence that this might be no more than local folk lore and that the plane actually flew into the side of a mountain in a snow storm - this being the true cause of the deaths.  I intend to recheck both my sources and also Irish Army records (which I could not locate at the time) and publish the results here as soon as I can.

It is distressing to get something so badly wrong, but it is much more important to put it right than to worry about my bruised ego.  Watch this space.

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